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Whale Bath Toys Rechargeable With 4 Modes-Grey

Whale Bath Toys Rechargeable With 4 Modes-Grey

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4 Exciting Modes for Endless Fun!

Make bath time a thrilling adventure with our Gigilli Whale Bath Toys Rechargeable! These adorable and rechargeable whale toys offer not just one, but four exciting modes that will captivate your child's imagination.
Cute cartoon whale design Light Up Bath Toys come with water spray, colorful flashing lights, and 4 Sprinklers: Octopus, Starfish, Crown, Hat Sprinkler.
With these four captivating modes, bath time will never be the same again, offering hours of entertainment for your child!

Rechargeable, Environmentally Friendly, and Safe!

At Gigilli, we prioritize the safety of your child and the well-being of the environment. Our Gigilli Whale Bath Toys Rechargeable are designed with sustainability and safety in mind.
Rechargeable Design: Say goodbye to disposable batteries! These whale bath toys can be easily recharged, saving you money and reducing environmental waste.
Smooth and Durable: The whale toys' smooth surface and durable construction guarantee long-lasting fun without compromising on safety.

Ignite Imagination and Learning in the Tub!

The Gigilli Whale Bath Toys Rechargeable goes beyond providing fun; it stimulates imagination and encourages learning during bath time.
Creativity and Storytelling: The adorable whale design sparks creativity, allowing your child to create imaginary stories and adventures during play.
Educational Exploration: Introduce basic concepts like colors, sounds, and water flow while playing with the different modes, making learning enjoyable.
Bonding and Relaxation: Bath time becomes a bonding experience between parents and children, fostering a sense of comfort and relaxation in the tub.
Watch your child's imagination soar as they embark on imaginative journeys with their new aquatic companion!

Packing List

1. Whale bath toy

2. Screwdriver

3. User manual

4. Thickened exquisite box

5. 30cm USB charging cable

6. 4-Modes water sprinkler

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