Gigilli is a leading brand in the market of bath toys, dedicated to delivering delightful, enjoyable, and safe bathing experiences for every baby. With our innovative and high-quality products, we aim to make bath time a fun and memorable experience for both children and parents.
Gigilli leads the market in bath toys, committed to providing delightful, enjoyable, and safe bathing experiences for every baby. Through extensive research, we have crafted innovative, durable, and secure bath toys that stand out from the rest. Our dedication to excellence is evident when you compare our products. We take pride in our unique offerings that ensure the utmost fun and safety for your little ones during bath time. Our team works tirelessly, continuously developing new and exciting bath toys tailored to meet the varying needs of different babies.
How did we get our start?
In 2020, I was looking for a bath toy for my baby. Finally, we bought baby a cute whale bath toy with water spray. My baby loves it and always plays with it when bathing. Then we sold it on Amazon and started to innovate, bringing bath fun to your babies.
What makes our products unique?
We realize that this lovely bath toy has some shortcomings, so we innovatively add three features ・Equipped rechargeable battery ・Unique waterproof design ・Save money and protect the environment Our upgraded bath toys for toddlers have much longer service life than others on the market.