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Whale Bath Toys Rechargeable-Blue

Whale Bath Toys Rechargeable-Blue

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Interactive Water Fun for Kids!

Make bath time an exciting adventure with our Whale Bath Toys Rechargeable-Blue! These adorable and rechargeable whale toys will delight your little ones, turning ordinary bath time into a magical water play experience.
Watch as the whale bath toys light up and change colors, creating a mesmerizing display that captivates your child's imagination.
The interactive water sprayer feature allows kids to control and direct the flow of water, making bath time an enjoyable and engaging activity.
With a user-friendly design, these whale bath toys are perfect for children of all ages, making them a fantastic gift for birthdays or special occasions.

Safe, Eco-Friendly, and Rechargeable!

At Gigilli, safety and sustainability are our top priorities. Our Whale Bath Toys Rechargeable-Blue are designed with your child's well-being and the environment in mind.
These whale bath toys are rechargeable, eliminating the need for batteries, which not only saves you money but also reduces waste in landfills.
The smooth edges and soft texture ensure a gentle and comfortable touch, making them ideal for little hands to hold and play with.

Soothing and Relaxing Bath Experience

Transform bath time into a soothing and calming ritual with our Whale Bath Toys Rechargeable-Blue. Let your child unwind and relax with these delightful water companions.
The gentle water flow from the toy's sprayer provides a spa-like sensation, soothing and calming your child after a busy day of play.
The tranquil underwater light display creates a serene atmosphere, making it easier for your little one to settle down before bedtime.
The easy-to-operate design allows kids to play independently, encouraging a sense of responsibility and self-confidence.

Packing List

1. Whale bath toy

2. Screwdriver

3. User manual

4. Thickened exquisite box

5. 30cm USB charging cable

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